Sandra & Marcus

23 september 2010

When I meet Sandra for the first time, the first thing that cough my eyes was her long brown hair. blowing in the april wind.. The second after that I got a big, warm hug from the person who later came to be one of my close friends!
During our first meeting (which with Sandra means drinking ALOT of coffee and talking, and talking, and talking!) I learned that Sandra was an amazing mother and “soon to be wife”! Since that day Sandra and I have sent lots of text messages to each other, and giggling when that well known sound comes from the phone!
We have also been out shopping for wedding shoes, wedding invitations, been laughing and crying to Sex and the city 2 while eating Ben and Jerry’s and eating a lot of “makaroner och falukorv”!

One of the things Sandra said to me on her wedding day was: “Oh, I’m so happy this is soon over, you being my wedding photographer! After today, we can be just friends!” And this Internet, is why I love my job! I love it when a bride becomes a friend, and not just until their wedding is over, but all the days after that!

Sandra and Marcus, THANK YOU!! Thank you for been you, for picking me as your wedding photographer and trusting in me and my crazy ideas! Me and Rikard can’t thank you enough for all the love you have given us and I can’t wait to see you in Spain soon!

To see more pictures, take a look at the amazing slideshow!


Emma, fantastiska du, I LOVE!!!! jag kan inte säga det för många gånger, du är outstanding. <3

Så otroligt fina bilder och mycket kärlek!

just beautiful … nice job

Vilket sagolikt snyggt brudpar – och heelt otroligt vackra bilder!! Grymt jobbat!

Så himla vackert! Jag älskar verkligen motljusbilderna! Du är så grym på det!!

Amazing! I just love when you post a new wedding!

WOW, wow, wow!!!! Jag är mållös! Hur är det möjligt att utvecklas och bara bli bättre och bättre som du blir? Helt fantastiskt!

Tack du underbara!! Fantastiska bilder som vi kommer att titta på oändligt många gånger för att återuppleva en av de absolut bästa dagarna i vårat liv!! Hörs snart! Kram!

Riktigt tjusigt Emma! Du är en fantastisk bröllopsfotograf!

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